Just do it! I decided to spend each of Bodhi’s naps last week doing one small project and when that project was done, I allowed myself the rest of the time to read, relax, go outside, sit on the porch, play around on Pinterest etc… On an average day with Bodhi I spend his entire nap trying to catch up on emails, work and more, so this was a treat. 

We struggle with creating systems in our house that work for us. I know some people have a calendar with chores lists. Other people have terribly messy houses and are ok with it and others are like me. I desire a perfect home (impossible), but don’t make the systems and time for that-we need storage, organization, a fresh start in some spots and more.

This is real life, my friends! The cupboard above is so incredibly out of control and I decided that showing it to you would be good for accountability.

Last week, I was inspired by the storage sale at Land of Nod. I know I want to work on our playroom in the coming weeks, but the more immediate needs like the pantry and this cupboard above are the priority. To get to the point of rewarding myself with purchasing some of the storage at The Land of Nod for the playroom, I had to start getting through those tasks that have been bugging me for a long time. But there is a sale right now, so I started the projects knowing I might be able to finish by the end of the weekend and still make it in time for the sale.

Well, like anything, the idea of cleaning a cupboard out (or a shelf or a drawer or anything really) always seems harder than what it actually takes to get the job done. Cupboard number one was Bodhi’s cupboard-the cupboard filled with sippy cups, baby bottles, baby bowls etc… We even had old formula and baby cereal in there. Turns out we only use about half of what was in that cupboard since he’s 2 now. I threw most of it in a donation box, saved a few of our favorite baby items for friends and put the stuff we use back in a very orderly fashion and we now have tons of space. It took 15 minutes. No joke!

I struggled with that cupboard every day since we moved in, squeezing little things in there hoping to make it work and then quickly slamming it shut before things fell out. 15 minutes, a small box and a quick wipe left it in amazing condition.

Next up…

The junk drawers in the kitchen.

The pantry

Bodhi’s playroom

Bodhi’s closet

Our coffee, tea and miscellaneous items cupboard from above

Oh, and the office. Can you see remnants of Bodhi’s birthday party decor in the photo above? Silver cows are haunting me. I tend to clean up after every big event and the office looks and feels amazing for about a week. Then the next event begins and the shelves quickly fill with party supplies again. Such is life. The life I love!

While organization and clearing out clutter are definitely a lot less exciting and fun then hanging new drapes or art on the walls, they totally clear my mind. And I didn’t get all of the projects done last week, so we will be working through a few things this weekend. And I’m oddly excited to get started again! Have a lovely weekend!

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