Tiffany is here today with her first contributing post. Tiffany will be with us once a month covering budget fashion for moms and children plus some other topics. Today it’s all about exercise and workout fashion. And I’m SO excited about this topic as I just started running again with Bodhi and our jogging stroller. 

Hi, I’m Tiffany! I’m a stay at home mama of two, wife of my college sweetheart (married for 9 years), blogger, party planner, DIYer, amateur photographer, and self-proclaimed budget fashionista (I mean, I try…). Honestly I could ignore my kids all day and just blog and craft. Wait, is that wrong to say?!  They keep my life sweet and interesting! They are so fun and energetic and definitely keep me on my toes.

That said, one of the things I miss most about working outside the home is interacting with grown-ups! So, I’m really thrilled to be working with Jessica and this blog that I LOVE, meeting all of her lovely readers and contributing to Live the Fancy Life!

While I am thrilled to join the lovely team of contributors, I was a bit nervous about finding a relevant topic for my very first post.  Then this happened:

I sent this e-mail to Jessica and today’s topic was born. Bear in mind my honeymoon was over 9 years ago! The high note? I can still fit them! It could be worse. But it also could be… So. Much. Better! In hopes of motivating myself and you, I’ve created a couple of cute workout looks and a list of ways to work out after kids.

Is it me or do you work out harder when you’re feeling cute?  It’s sort of like catching a glimpse of yourself in a window while running—when that happens I always push harder, adjust my form (you know- from looking like I’m about to die to looking like a healthy 30 something who should be able to run a few miles without passing out), and pick up the pace. This first look above has me wanting to go for a jog! I love the mint with hints of coral + lots of gray and black.

And this one! I love a cute sports bra peeking out underneath a somewhat forgiving tank. I’ll be honest- I still have some chub around the middle from my babies.  People don’t believe me when I tell them and you know why? It’s because I hide it well! I don’t wear tight tees anymore (though I’d love to); I always have a little room in my tops.

But when you’re trying to camouflage a belly the last thing you want to do is wear baby doll and empire shirts all the time. This shirt is the perfect blend- sophisticated, forgiving, and even a little sexy. And I love this playful and girly color combo.

Now if you’re anything like me—a full time stay at home mama with no childcare, or like Jessica a busy working mama with limited childcare, or like tons of other mamas who work full time outside the home and devote precious time to their families, leaving little energy left over, you’re probably wondering how on Earth to even fit exercise in?! I must say, when this topic was born I was in the middle of doing the insanity workout and had been at it fairly consistently for a couple of weeks. Fast forward a few weeks later and after two vacations, a husband who had pneumonia for an entire week, and a party two weeks away, let’s just say I am NO expert on prioritizing a work out! But I have worked out off and on over the last few years with kiddos and I want to get better!

SIX ways to make workouts happen

1. During your workday– if your workplace has a fitness center or is located on grounds suitable for walking, that’s a surefire way to fit in a workout.  You may end up staying at work a little later but it save time when you consider driving back and forth to the gym.

2. Sign up for races– I’ve only done a handful of races but every time I do one, I’m motivated to find time to go for a 30 minute jog–if only not to embarrass myself the day of the race!

3. At home videos– this is the most convenient if you have no childcare.  If your kids nap, you can use that time.  Or get up a little earlier than they do (I know; easier said than done) and squeeze it in then. I like this one and this one to name a couple.

4. Get outside and play!– playing a game of kickball with your 3-year-old isn’t exactly running a marathon. But it beats sitting on the couch.

5. Jogging stroller– I never purchased one and now that I have two little ones, it feels too late.  But if you only have one little at home I’ve heard these are a great option—even for walks.

6. Gym with a daycare– If you do find the time to actually go to the gym, one with a daycare is perfect. This is my plan this winter.  It gives you a break and if your kids aren’t in daycare it gives them a chance to socialize.  Sounds like a win/win to me!

Did I miss anything?!  How do you fit in working out after children?

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Work Out Look TWO

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Tiffany is a stay at home mother of two, wife, blogger, party planner, DIYer, amateur photographer, and self-proclaimed budget fashionista.  She left a corporate job in human resources when her youngest child born and now stays busy caring for her family and household. Tiffany is the blogger behind Taste{Full}, a contributor at Tall Clothing Mall and Live the Fancy Life where she covers budget fashion for moms and girls and a few miscellaneous topics.

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