Our office still needs a lot of work. It’s a room we have mostly furnished with items we had in our old home. I’ve started making improvements…

For example, the complete copycat diy memo board on the shelf above my desk was just added this week. I even copied Tiffany’s fabric because I loved it so much.

I added a few Home Goods finds, the cute Ikea rolling cart, a clearance lamp and lamp shade from Target and a big piece of art behind my desk.

The huge Ikea Expedit that you can see just a bit on the photo above is SO full of stuff and needs a lot more organization.

But, this room is my favorite! It’s bright and pretty and full of colors and patterns that I LOVE and of course, lots of white.

I’ll be sharing improvements as I go on this project. It has no budget and no plan… I’ll be sourcing it with items I find on random shopping trips until it someday feels complete.

How do you decorate rooms? Do you make a plan or just buy as find things?

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