We are traveling to Sri Lanka next week. I am a planner. I packed all of our clothes last weekend. I have a huge bag filled with snacks and all of our medications, vitamins, antibiotics (in case we get traveler’s bug) and more packed. Everything is ready.

Other than my work. B’s school takes a winter break like public schools do. He’s been off since Dec. 21. This entire time, I was relying on having nine work days after our winter break to get caught up on work and get ahead for our trip. I even had a super fun blog series planned with a bunch of blog friends. Then life happened.

B got sick on Sunday night. School was cancelled Monday and Tuesday because of the cold, but he was so sick, we would’ve kept him home anyway. He still has a fever and is still sick.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon holding him while he slept so he could get good rest with a very stuffed up nose. I let him watch a movie after his nap as he sipped coconut water (filled with electrolytes). He is home again today with a trip to the pediatrician planned.

We are not new to B being sick since he started school. With the exception of a few weeks over winter break, he and I have been sick almost nonstop all fall/winter so far. But this one was worse. He had a fever which is scary for us moms and dads. He can’t sleep at night (and therefore neither can I). And he’s very tired all the time. He actually fell asleep on the sofa while I made lunch earlier this week. Never happens. Ever!

We are traveling in just a few days so of course, I’m worrying about what we’d do if he was still sick or if one of us got sick too.

Yesterday, while worrying about my work to-do list and thinking more about that than cuddling with my sick boy, I took a deep breath. Looked at my list and put stars next to the things that HAD to happen. Guess what?! It’s not that bad. Life happens. I have to go with the flow. I have to take care of my baby and comfort him and enjoy these cuddly days the best I can. Work can wait. It will wait.

A blogger friend shared with me that her kids don’t even want cuddles when they get sick much anymore. That was a good reminder that these days with small children are numbered. They are fleeting.

And there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My mama is coming for a few days before we leave to hang out with us which also means she’ll help. A ton! She and my cousin are taking turns house-sitting and cat-sitting. How lucky are we?

So, when life happens, I can embrace it or I can stress about it. I did plenty of stressing on Monday and Tuesday. I decided to embrace it the rest of the week.

This means there will be very few posts while we’re gone on our big trip, but when I return, watch out! Lots of goodness coming your way!

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