I need to start by making it clear that the photo on the right is not an “I’m in pain” photo. That is Bodhi’s new face he makes when he says “cheese.” Pretty hilarious!

We’ve had a rough few weeks around these parts. Nothing life threatening or too serious, but some challenges. We’ve all been sick off and on which is no fun. And my sweet husband was injured during a Super Bowl Sunday football scrimmage with friends and colleagues. What we thought might just be a bad sprain turned out to be an injury that needs surgery.

Can I just say that you really don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone?

I had no idea all of the things my husband regularly does around the house. Besides some of the obvious things like taking out the garbage, feeding the cats and setting our security system, I was obviously taking for granted all the times he just entertains B while we do our typical routine. And let me add that our little man is a very active little guy. We have dance parties four or more times a day.

I’m used to having a pretty easy time making dinner with my hubby’s help. He is a lot better than I am when it comes to cooking, so we cook together most nights and help each other with B. We have a system like most couples—he unloads the dishwasher, I load and other things.

Well, over the past few days we’ve realized that while daddy can’t chase after B or do a lot while standing, he can do a few things that make the little guy very happy.

One thing he has no problem doing with B is coloring! Before I get to the point of this story, I have to share a change that has been so nice.

We recently hired a really sweet and smart person to clean our home once each month. Sadie of Sadie Sage Services was recommended to us by Callie of Callie V Photography.

This has been such a blessing. We put having a monthly cleaning service on hold when I first left my job in case my business took a while to get off the ground.

But with two cats, one toddler, two working parents and an active lifestyle, we’d rather skimp on clothes, hair color and eating out than skimping on having a little help in the cleaning department. Plus, my business is doing better than we expected at this point so we felt like it was time.

This week, after Sadie came to clean, we found this adorable box of ECO STARS on B’s chair by our front door with a note telling us that these were for Bodhi made by Sadie’s mom.

They are so cute and awesome.

ECO STARS are made with 100% recycled non-toxic materials and are simply adorable! Bodhi grabbed them all out of the box right away and sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” while coloring with them. I just wanted to share these cute crayons with you all because we loved them, plus, how sweet  is it that Sadie left these for Bodhi? Seriously!

ECO STARS are made by Crazy Crayons out of Minnetonka, Minnesota, just a few miles from where we live. So cool!

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