Be the Light

When innocent people are murdered all across the world.

When you turn on the news and all you see is death and torture and sadness.

When your Facebook feed is full of hatred.

When all anyone shares are their “opinions” and anger and us vs. them mentality.

When it feels like compassion for other human beings is gone.

When it feels like we’re all out for ourselves.

When the weight of the world feels so so heavy.

When it’s all too much…

Can we all spread some love?

Share something beautiful with the world.

Share a love or compassion filled post on social media.

Donate money to an organization you love, maybe one working hard to help refugees who are running with their small children, elderly parents or alone from a fate of death or torture.

Volunteer your time to help others.

Speak with love and kindness.

Notice the good. Notice the kind. Notice the peaceful.

Thank someone. Tell someone you love them. Tell someone you admire them. Tell someone you are grateful for them.

Be a light to someone.

Hide the hate from your feed. Maybe that’s selfish, but I refuse to allow my light to be darkened by the anger and hatred of others and the things they share on social media or anywhere else.

We may not be able to fix the things that are happening, but we can add light to the world today in small ways.

Be THE light! You are the light someone needs. 

More on how to be a light to the world… (Please know that some of these are articles based on specific religions and I believe they all have truth for people of any faith).

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I know I don’t offer solutions. I don’t have any for the world’s problems. I’m simply overwhelmed by the sadness and hatred in the world today. If you have kind, compassionate ideas for how to be a light, please share them in the comments, even if you have a specific group you recommend donating to or volunteering for. Thank you for being a light to someone today. 

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