I’ve been thinking about and talking about what really matters with close friends and other creatives lately. Sometimes, while I love everything about blogging, party planning etc… it feels like you are constantly looking at things and talking about things and trying to find the next best THING. It’s all about stuff. And friends, stuff doesn’t matter. 

After a long coffee date with my friend Lisa last week, I felt so refreshed. I finally said out loud what I’ve been thinking for a long time. I have become much more materialistic since blogging more regularly. And it’s because I’m always trying to share the best of the best with all of you and I personally enjoy learning about new things. It’s not blogging that makes you that way.

But I want to be clear. While I think that having a lovely bright, fresh home or an amazing party is so nice and it can give you a few ounces of joy and happiness, it is not at all what creates happiness. And neither does having the cutest clothes, the most fabulous parties and lots of things.

Those things can be fun and I do get joy from making things, so the DIY part of home design and party planning quite literally creates some happiness for me, but the things themselves do not. What creates happiness are the people. The people who come to the parties. The people who come to  your home for a play date and sit on your sofa with a cup of coffee. And of course, the little people who destroy your home in seconds while having so much fun and laughing. It’s a bonus to have a cleanish house and space for the kids to run and make messes, but it’s not necessary.

If creating a really beautiful party is enjoyable to you, then do it! If it’s not, don’t. Just have friends over for dinner. Because the friends, your kids, your husband, your parents and family are what count. Not the stuff at the party.

The quote at the beginning of today’s post was in yesterday’s The Happiness Project daily email and it immediately reminded me that I’ve wanted to address materialism and stuff lately. While I will, without a doubt, write about stuff often on this little blog, I will also continue to mix in the “what matters most” posts too.

I’m working on being content with what I have. Grateful for all of our blessings. Do blogs, Pinterest and Facebook make you want things from time to time? Or is it just me?

Coffee photo credit: Melissa Oholendt Photography

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