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I have been and always will be obsessed with weddings! There is nothing like the beauty, the creativity, the tears and emotion, the everything that goes into one very special day when two people profess their love for one another and become a family, a unit! Our wedding day and all the days of planning for that day we became husband and wife were joy-filled.

I enjoyed it so much that I started to blog about weddings and write about weddings. Right now I’m surrounded by three really great people who are planning their big days (including a colleague) so I get to talk weddings all the time! Love it! I put together a few of my picks for four sweet ways to ask someone to be your bridesmaid. Enjoy! 

1. A nice package—Send them a package—anything will do. A card, a mini photo album or photo book, a small gift (like a monogram mug) etc… and in it, include a note telling them why they mean so much to you. In the end, ask them to be your bridesmaid. This is what I did with my ladies. I mailed them a small photo album with photos of us throughout the years (in other words—terrible, hilarious, old photos). Several of my bridesmaids called me in tears because the photos or the words hit them.  

2. Throw a party—My fabulous coworker threw a “surprise party” this past weekend to ask her friends to be by her side for her big day. The guys were included in the party. Her fiancé gave out these cards at the event. Adorable, right?!

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And she gave out cute cards too. I’ll share the details with you soon! How cute is this? Then they drank champagne and enjoyed each other’s company. I love this idea.

3. Send flowers—I get to be a bridesmaid in my very good high school friend’s wedding in May. Several months ago, I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a simple note: Will you be my bridesmaid? Of course, the answer is yes! The gesture made me (and the other ladies) feel incredibly special. 

 4. Happy hour—Plan a happy hour or dinner with as many of your bridesmaids as you can. Get there before they do and place a card or note inside their menu asking them to be your bridesmaid. This one is simple and pretty inexpensive, although I would recommend picking up the first drink too! 

How did you ask your friends to be in your wedding? What other ideas do you have? live the fancy life!

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