Pulling together comfortable, fashionable maternity clothes for a trip to Sri Lanka (an island country south of India with a lovely tropical climate) was not easy. I was pregnant in the winter with Bodhi so owned almost nothing. Luckily, combining borrowed items from two friends, a few of my own non-maternity items and a couple of purchased items, I was able to fill a suitcase (to the brim) with chic beach-ready options, many of which will work great those first few months postpartum too. Here are my two looks for the beach and the airplane.

p.s. If you want to see some of the sites of Sri Lanka, follow my Pinterest board for this trip.

Beach fashion

Beach bag from Nordstrom ($109)

I didn’t actually buy this, but I love it!

ASOS black maternity swim top ($40)

My swim bottoms still fit from pre-pregnancy, but my tankini top slides up over the bump. I love that this top is simple black, something I could wear this summer after baby arrives as my body slowly gets back to normal. I was able to borrow one suit from a friend and picked up a cute top for a second option since we’ll have pools at all of our hotels and we’ll be at the beach for several days.

Black maxi dress ($30)

My friend had a non-maternity black maxi dress from Banana Republic that fits great. I’m adding black gladiator sandals, a chunky necklace and a denim vest for a maternity style that works for the day (without the vest) or for an evening out.

Denim vest ($17)

Another non-maternity item I owned already that adds a little something extra to a maxi dress or a soft cotton knee-length dress. I picked up mine at Madewell this summer and have a great green vest from Parc Boutique as well. Both will definitely be making an appearance in Sri Lanka.

Travel outfit

Kelly Moore bag ($250)

This bag holds everything. I own it for work, but it’s going with on this trip for snacks, our iPad, books and more. It’s a very comfortable, well-organized bag.

ASOS maternity sheet panel top in red ($40)

I’m bringing with several very simple T-shirt style maternity shirts for this trip. I’ll either layer them with vests or just add a necklace and go.

Black Old Navy full-panel skinny jeans (on sale for $19)

I love the way these jeans fit and the price, but the panel is very tight right at the top and is uncomfortable. At only 19.5 weeks, this seems odd and I’m sure they won’t make it through this pregnancy. But at this price, I’m going to order up a size as well and hope they fit a bit better. Comfy skinny jeans are my go-to airplane apparel. I have a more comfortable pair for this trip.

I will also have a cardigan with on the airplane for added comfort for all of those hours of travel.

Adding a few blouses, some maternity shorts, an extra dress or two and a pair of nude flats, this is close to enough to get me through the trip. Now I’m off to stuff everything in our luggage. Wish me luck!

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