Wanderlust and traveling with children

noun wan·der·lust \ˈwän-dər-ˌləst\

A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

Wanderlust and traveling with children

I’ve always been a traveler. Ever since I was young and experienced my very first airplane ride, a trip to Seattle with my grandma when I was in third grade, I have loved everything about traveling.

The airport—smells, sounds, tastes (usually coffee) and all that happens there, has been one of my favorite places always. I remember when I first went to college, pre 9/11, my then-boyfriend and I would go to the airport and just shop, grab dinner and wander chatting about what it would be like to travel to any of these places. We would walk from gate to gate checking out the people about to board flights to Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Mexico, New York City…

Wanderlust and traveling with children

And I always wished I could be going too. Once I got my first job out of college, I started a travel savings account and my travels began. I took three to four trips a year—Mexico with friends, Europe, all over the United States. I never felt any guilt because that money was specifically set aside just for travel and I intended to see the world.

When I met my amazing husband, I knew I had found my match in SO many ways. Within months after we started dating, we had traveled to New York City and Mexico together. Our travels would later take us all over the United States—New York City multiple times, Colorado, California (Carmel), Las Vegas, Florida, Washington D.C., and more. We would travel to Sri Lanka with Bodhi. After Bodhi was born, we still traveled twice a year or so alone as well.

Wanderlust and traveling with children

But since I became pregnant with Ezra, with the exception of Sri Lanka, we haven’t traveled much. A baby who didn’t take a bottle for a long time, and a baby who doesn’t sleep (more to come on this) just feels like a baby you can’t leave for more than a few hours at a time. And honestly, I was very content after Ezra was born. I still am generally, but…

Wanderlust has struck again. I find myself googling all sorts of travel information every chance I get. I started my travel list, prioritizing places so that I could get to them all in my lifetime. In that list, I note whether I would want to travel alone, with my husband or include the kids. Many of the places would definitely be kid-friendly and I want my children to experience the entire world too. But sometimes traveling alone or with just my husband is what I will need.

I once read a great quote about traveling with children. Jordan from Oh Happy Day travels with her children often. She said she is often asked about traveling with children and her thoughts on it. She said something along the lines of this: Traveling with children is so much better than not traveling at all. Of course, it’s easier to not take kids. This isn’t the post where she said that particular quote (and I can’t find it), but this is a great post she wrote about traveling with children.

Everything from packing your bags and all that children need to finding kid-friendly places to visit, eat etc… plus working around naps and bedtimes is so hard. But traveling is traveling and I will absolutely travel with my boys even if it means a little extra work.

Have you traveled with or without kids? Where is your favorite place? Do you have any trips planned soon? Please share! I’m working through my list and would love your recommendations.

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