The party was so much fun. But, because the fun started almost immediately, I hardly got any good photos of anything. It was also very dark, so getting sharp focus was tough. I remembered to grab my camera, but it was after guests arrived, so things were already moved around a bit-this is a good sign, though. It means our guests were already having very merry cocktails! YES! 

The dessert table was simple-with cake pops, mini vanilla bean cupcakes and toppers, gingerbread cake bites by my neighbor Jenn from Beyond the Bar Bakery, salted caramel popcorn cups and a lovely cake in the middle made by my sweet friend Cassie of ChubbyMama Cupcakes. You’ve seen the backdrop before, of course, but here you can kind of see the twinkle lights behind the backdrop. Just a bit more festive for evening. I made the cake topper at the last minute because the fringe topper I came up with the day before was too much for a cake that was already so beautiful. I’ll still share the how-to details on making the fringe topper though, since it costs all of about 30 cents.

And of course, there was a champagne bar. I actually completely forgot to take photos of the main bar. I wish I would have because I put together a simple backdrop there as well, but such is life.

 A few little details. The orange ginger simple syrup was truly delicious. I saved some for Christmas as well because I loved it so much. I heard from guests that the red raspberry syrup was yummy as well! One note-as much as I love paper straws, they cause champagne to bubble over the glass. I learned the hard way.

 I used the Ikea frames again. I always do. SO worth the investment!

These lovely ladies are my former colleagues. They offered to hold out the raspberry champagne for me since I never got a great photo. Thanks Annelise and Sarah!


Paper products-Shannon of Grace & Guy Paperie
Rosette cake-Cassie of ChubbyMama Cupcakes
One-bite cakes-Jenn of Beyond the Bar Bakery
Popcorn cups and cupcake toppers-Target
Ivory paper straws-Retro Sally on Amazon

Do-it-yourself by Jessica Flannigan (
Glitter candle holders
Dessert table backdrop
Glitter CHEERS letters 
Cake topper
Glitter cake pop holder
Champagne bar simple syrups 


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