Traveling always makes me want to clear out my house. I realize how little I need to be ok and how simple design can be the most restorative, especially in the bedroom. We’ve had our master bedroom on our list of rooms to “do” for a long time and we haven’t touched it since moving in five years ago next month.

I’ve had waves of inspiration for this room from uber modern/midcentury modern to very beachy to all white to navy and so many other ideas in between including wallpaper, cool finishes and interesting paint colors.

I’m feeling inspired by our trip to Hawaii. I love the soft colors and textures that we saw and experienced. Brightness is always important to me in our home and our bedroom has a lot of beautiful natural light.

We’re still a ways out from making change. The most important feature for us in our bedroom is practicality. We just recently removed all toys and children’s books from our room and it made a huge positive impact for us. We know we’ll always want some kind of rocking or gliding chair. We love using it with the kids and I enjoy it on my own with a cup of coffee or hot tea too. We’d like a King size bed and even though it’s a big no no to some, we want our TV in the room. I LOVE curling up on a Friday or Saturday night after the kids go to bed and watch a good movie, falling asleep whenever I desire.

We want a bright paint color (likely white), sconces on the wall above very small simple nightstands (so as to not collect too many objects). I’d also like roman shades. I want the room to feel very minimalist with a few cozy elements added in, but nothing too stuffy or fancy. Simple is definitely how we want this room. We found the most soft, luxurious and comfortable bedding by Kerry Cassill at a cute little shop on Maui and will be going with her stuff when the time comes-likely one of her more simple designs such as stripes. We’ll also be ordering a bed pad from the resort we stay at. Their beds are the absolute best and we recently found out they sell their pillows and pads. SO exciting!

We’d like to make our porch (outside of our bedroom with a door directly from our room) an extension of our bedroom in the summer months. We’ll likely do something like the below image in the coming year or two. We envision two of them on our porch and many snuggly sunset evenings with a good book and some swinging/rocking with the boys.

I’m very inspired by Serena & Lily throughout our home, but especially for bedrooms. All images above other than the top image are from Serena & Lily. This post is not a sponsored post. I just love this shop and have found a lot of inspiration on their site after vacation.

Friends, what do you care about in your bedroom? What makes it work? What do you wish was different? I want to think it through thoroughly before making any changes.