It has been a long time since I’ve shared much from our home with you. We try to purchase furniture every month or two to slowly furnish our space as we have budget for it and it’s coming together. We still have a long way to go in our formal space and I have a few long-term wish list items for other spaces, but it’s feeling cozier and cozier each month. 

We purchased the buffet above when it went on sale at West Elm and I’m so thankful we did. It sold out quickly, which is exactly what happened to the table I wanted in our family room eat-in space. I was not a happy camper when the table sold out and still haven’t found anything close to that beautiful white table. The buffet adds some much-needed storage for cake stands, blog props, napkins (I tend to collect cute ones), platters and more. It is also the perfect spot to photograph things for the blog. Here is a similar option if you’re in the market for a buffet or sideboard.

I plan to add a gallery wall above it soon, but for now this canvas painting works.

We also picked up these Eames eiffel chair knock-offs for our family room table recently. In a perfect world, I would buy the real thing, but in our little world (which is lovely for us), the knock-offs work. I was so thankful to have a neighbor to consult with on these before purchasing. I was nervous about the color of the legs.

We have a walnut entertainment center and I wanted them to be walnut, but they actually look the same from a distance and we plan to change out this table in the next year or so, so for now, these work. And if we ever get the real thing, the real walnut legs will be a nice upgrade. That will be ten years or more down the road, I’m guessing, since they are $400 plus a pop.

I’ll be sharing some of our holiday decor soon as well. Do you prefer to furnish all at once or do you buy one thing at a time as your budget allows?