As a working mom with only a few days of childcare each week, it can be hard to focus 100% on playing and having fun with my sweet guy on my two days with him. It probably should be easier because it’s fewer days, but I always feel the pressure of looming work deadlines. Can you relate?

Now that I’m working extra hours for a new client and only have one day (other than the weekends) with him, I am dedicating Tuesdays 100% to B. Both last week and this week have been so much fun and a great day for me to recharge! I even napped with him both Tuesdays. How wonderful! I’m not a big napper, but when I have a guilt-free afternoon that is focused on him, I can somehow get a great nap in and feel wonderful after.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like I have to be in many places at once. I have many friends who feel the same way, and it’s not just moms who feel that way. We rarely give ourselves a break just to focus on one thing. Let’s do it. I’ve loved the guilt-free Tuesdays with B.

B is somehow in an even more amazing mood too. I guess it’s not surprising, but a good reminder to be in the moment with our littles and all of our loved ones. It’s good for them. It’s good for us too!

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Happy play day!