I’m starting a new post each month called “Top FIVE” which will feature my favorite posts from the month before. Since many of you can’t stop by every day, I wanted to share my picks for last month’s top five must-read or most inspirational posts. I hope you’ll enjoy!

We started the month with Bodhi’s cow-themed 2nd birthday party, parts II, III and IV. This counts as one, right? It was such a fun party for Bodhi and he often asks me about his next birthday. Haven’t even thought about it yet.

Our family vacation post already has me thinking about our next one. It’s so good for every member of the family in many ways. Get planning and saving $$$.

Getting your toddler to eat vegetables the sneaky way was definitely a popular post on Pinterest. And it’s still working in our house, but as soon as the weather cools, I’ll have to come up with something new. What works for you?

Our post sharing my unfinished, yet totally bright and inspiring office keeps me motivated to keep it clean. The photos help me to really push through and clean my desk daily.

And we ended the month with our cute ice cream party. It was simple, fun, joy-filled and totally easy to recreate.

I can’t believe we’re already in the second week of August. Time continues to fly in my world. I hope you’re having a lovely week!