Updated September 2015: Some of these costumes have sold out since this post went live nearly two years ago, but many are still available at other sites. I’ve updated the links in September 2015 for this Halloween season. For even more great dinosaur costumes, follow this link

Don’t worry, I will not be doing “Top 10” lists for every Halloween costume around, but my little guy has requested a dinosaur costume this year. As I looked, I decided that perhaps others out there are also looking for dinosaur costumes.

I will have one more Halloween costume roundup soon as I’ve found some super cute and quirky options and I may do an Etsy Halloween costume roundup since there are some amazing options available in the handmade sector too.

Dinosaur Halloween Costume roundup

Top left to right

Big head dinosaur costume ($29)

Lime green dinosaur costume ($20)

Ride ’em cowboy dinosaur costume ($22)

Dinosaur train orange costume ($29)

Light green dinosaur ($20)

Bottom left to right

Bright Green Dinosaur ($22)

Triceratops dinosaur ($35)

Plush T-Rex suspender costume ($32)

Blue “dragon” costume ($50)

Camouflage dinosaur costume ($35)

And one more.

This purple cutie from Nordstrom is adorable. They call it a dragon costume, but I think it totally works as a dinosaur costume, right? OK, for the good stuff. What are you or your littles going to be for Halloween?

Some affiliate links included.