Packing for children is the best and the worst. There are things, that if you forget them, can cause some serious headaches for all. Like children’s Tylenol just in case little one gets an earache or sick during travel. Or night diapers for an almost-potty-trained, but not-quite-there-child. Or certain activities (like books and for us, this time, the iPad). But packing children’s clothes for trips is such fun! I love little boy beach fashion. You can’t go wrong with a pair of shades, cute swim shorts and a tank top (plus loads of sunscreen).

Today I’m sharing “what Bodhi packed” also known as “what mama packed for Bodhi” in case you are headed on a little vacation or just want some summer boy fashion inspiration. The goal of my packing for B was twofold. Comfort and cute. Enjoy! 

For playing tourist

Joe Fresh Pocket Tee ($9)

Neon plaid button-up shirt ($25)

Monster with a banana T ($4.95)

Light denim shorts ($17.95)

Orange shades ($9)

Grey cargo shorts ($14)

Grey canvas hat ($9)

Straw hat fedora ($18)

Khaki cargo shorts ($24)

Toddler boys boxers shorts ($9.95) The softest little toddler underwear ever. We own two sets of these organic cotton cuties. Now that we have a potty trained (mostly) boy on our hands, underwear will save us from packing a suitcase full of diapers.

Toddler Keens ($35-$50) We have these from last summer and they are great everyday shoes for busy kids.

Grey converse slip-ons ($20-$50)

Skip hop backpack filled with snacks, bottled water and sunscreen. :)

Beachwear/Swimwear for the little beach bum

White rash guard with hood ($24)

Navy striped swim trunks ($25)

Light blue plaid swim trunks ($25)

Tanks ($15)

Navy board shorts ($42)

Native toddler shoes ($22-$35) I found a pair of these for $8 at Home Goods last summer. They still fit! But, if I don’t find a deal, I’ll be buying them this summer again. Perfect summer shoes for a toddler.

And if you’re on the hunt for toddler swimwear, check out this post for girls and this post for boys.

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