I have spring fever and I’m taking it out on our wallet and son! Spring boys clothes are pretty sweet. Have I told you how bad the selection of boys clothes can be? There are way fewer items for boys than there are for girls and trust me, I’d spend more money. I really would. I have a soft spot for toddler/baby clothes. I know I’m not the only boy-mama who would spend a larger portion of her paycheck on sweet duds for the littles if we had the choice.

H&M’s spring collection for toddlers is fabulous! We bought several of their fresh-springy colored button up shirts and a bunch of cute hats on clearance. Here is the resource list for the outfit above.

Shirt ($9.95)
Loose jeans ($24.95) My husband told me I’m not allowed to buy any more skinny jeans for Bodhi. Sad face. But that’s fine. These are quite cute too!
Skip Hop backpack ($17)  Not available at H&M. I’ve seen these at Target and I included an affiliate link to Amazon.
Sunglasses ($5.95) B is loving sunglasses lately and actually keeps them on. I picked up a very similar pair at Baby Gap.
Sneakers ($14.95)
Cap-no longer available. We grabbed it for $2.95 on clearance.
Belt ($14.95) from Gap.

I only get to H&M every few months as it’s not close to where we live, but when I do, I’m rarely disappointed with prices or selection. Where do you love to shop for the littles?

I have no connection with H&M, but just really love their clothes (and prices) for kids.

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