As a kid, I was a traditional Christmas tree girl. I liked my homemade ornaments, mismatched old family ones and everything in between. Now, while I enjoy the tradition of it all, I also like to have a pretty tree. I get the best of both worlds because we have two trees. This year, I am all about gold, silver and bright white for the holiday season! 

I am also all about making as many of my wish list items as possible this year instead of buying them. It takes time, but so far has been worth it. The “C” above will be a big part of the bar at our annual very merry cocktail party in a few weeks and the acorns will adorn our fireplace soon. I’ll try to post a quick DIY tutorial on both if you’re interested.

But the thing I am most excited about is attempting to make a similar wreath to this one that I found at Crate and Barrel this past weekend.


I honestly feel like the picture doesn’t do it justice. I fell so in love that I actually contemplated spending the $49.95 on it in that moment, but fortunately, I came to my senses and thought it would make a better blog post to attempt it myself. Am I right? We’ll see next week.

Oh, and I’d save a few $$$. I’m thinking a styrofoam ring, a shot of champagne or gold spray paint, a few different textures of gold, champagne and maybe mint green glitter followed by lacquer spray paint and I should have a look-a-like that is close enough but custom for our room for about $6. What do you think?

Do you change your holiday decor each year or keep it the same from year to year? I’m excited to hear if you prefer traditional decor or go with the trends. I’m somewhere in the middle. I simply can’t fathom spending much each year, so stick with some basics and just buy a few new items to freshen it all up.