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How to put together a health basket for our nursery

Our younger son, who is 22 months old, has had loads of ear infections and has been ill often in his nearly two years of life. Thanks to one phenomenal asthma and allergy doc plus her helpful recommendations, we have his health a bit more regulated and we are all happier, healthier and better rested. As a part of our effort to help him be as healthy as possible, we have added probiotics and other supplements our physician has suggested.Creating a health basket for the nursery

Can I share a bit with you about health stuff? We’ve had a stomach bug three times in the last year. Our kids rarely go more than two weeks between colds, especially our younger guy. Our younger child has food allergies and ear infections. Thankfully, the ear infections have been reduced dramatically since getting tubes. Our pediatrician says this is super normal for two kids that are in childcare, but it’s been a little rough. We feel like we’re finally getting a handle on it.

Jessica's nursery for baby boy two (5 of 7)

Before he turns into a full-blown boy as opposed to toddler, I thought I’d show you some of how we keep his nursery organized for life and those rough nights that we encounter with his minor health issues.

Creating a health basket for the nurseryWe’ve always had a health basket in his room and ours for emergencies and daily needs—pain reliever/fever reducer, gripe water, gas drops, thermometer and other basics like nail clippers. We keep them high up so he can’t reach but we have easy accessibility in the middle of the night or right before bed if needed.

How to put together a health basket for the nursery

  1. Buy or choose a basket or tray from around your home.
  2. Think through what you might need in the middle of the night or before bed. Things like pain reliever, thermometer, a small bottle of water, Little Remedies® Probiotic + Electrolytes product (which we use regularly, but it’s especially great during a stomach bug) and other comfort measure items can go here. You don’t need to fill it with every possible thing you think of, but rather, focus on what you might need in stressful times such as when your child is ill and you don’t want to go running to the medicine cabinet.
  3. Load it up and find a safe spot out of reach of your child.
  4. Use it as needed and enjoy how easily accessible it is.

Our teal, grey, black, white and yellow modern industrial nursery with clouds.

This time around, we knew we wanted our nursery to be loaded with comfort items for all. For us, that meant a very comfortable chair that reclines, blankets, white noise and more. His nursery is a cozy space to snuggle on those tough nights.

Second round of Jessica's nursery photos (20 of 27)

When your child is sick or not generally well, we all want to do everything we can to help. For us, stomach bugs can be the worst. They can take us all out in 24 to 48 hours and it’s tough. Keeping ourselves as healthy as possible is always our goal. Little Remedies is a great option for parents who are concerned about giving the best to their children. They have so many awesome products, but I love that the Little Remedies Probiotic Plus Electrolytes product is an ideal dietary supplement and helps maintain hydration with electrolytes.

Health basket for the nursery

You can find the brand new Little Remedies Probiotic Plus Electrolytes at Target in the digestive aisle (near the pharmacy). Its not located in the baby department which may be where you’d think to check.

Little Remedies Probiotic Plus Electrolytes contains 5 billion active cultures of the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, which helps keep the digestive system in balance and supports immune function.* I love that the chamomile herbal blend has been shown to reduce crying by 60% in as little as one week and it tastes great.

Little Remedies Probiotic Plus Electrolytes also contains electrolytes to provide vital minerals and nutrients to help support hydration. * I find this to be especially helpful during and after a stomach bug.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Little Remedies has a great offer going on at Target through May 14. Buy 1 Little Remedies product and get a $5 Target Gift Card. That’s the perfect opportunity to try it out. Learn more about Little Remedies Probiotic Plus Electrolytes.

Thank you for supporting the helpful brands that make Live the Fancy Life possible.