In this edition of “This one or that one” I bring you two lovely white lacquered floor lamps.

I first spotted West Elm’s Turned Floor Lamp last year when we were looking at sectionals for our family room and again when we purchased our formal living room furniture. I can’t, and probably never will be able to, justify spending $350 on a floor lamp, but I admit. We considered it. For two seconds. And then we both came back to reality.

So when I found Target’s Threshold Lacquered white floor lamp, I bought it right away. We needed more lamps in our family room and this fit the room and my budget. While it’s a little more traditional than the West Elm version and it’s not quite as wide and chunky (which is something I love about the West Elm version), it is generally a very similar look. Plus it was on sale that week for an additional 20% off. You can’t beat that!

Turned Floor Lamp ($349) West Elm
Threshold Lacquered Floor Lamp ($70) Target

I think I’m overdue for posting a few home updates, so will try to photograph our family room with the lovely lamp soon. Have a beautiful week!

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