I LOVE Capri Blue candles. My friend Lisa used to have a few of them around her house when she would have us over and her home smelled amazing and the candle jars were gorgeous. I usually pick them up at Anthropologie or when I find a good price. But I’m a cheap-o. Read on for my finds!

Most people who know me well would think I’m crazy for spending that much on a candle. I justify it in a few ways.

  • I LOVE candles. They make me so happy and they are really comforting after a long day.
  • I’ve identified candles as a daily luxury that adds happiness to my life (See The Happiness Project and Happier at Home) or check out Making Things Happen (we identified our ideal day and we all work hard to incorporate those things into our days). Little luxuries are exactly the reason I created Live the fancy life.
  • These candles last forever.
  • They smell amazing, clean and lovely!

But, as I said before, I’m generally cheap (and fairly proud of it), so it is a hard sell. I usually only have one in my home at a time and only burn it in the evenings.

And then I was shopping at Target this week and hit up the candle aisle. Bodhi loves smelling candles. We picked one up because it had a pretty pattern on the jar. And guess what? It smelled identical to Capri Blue’s volcano candle that I always buy.

Seriously! There were three styles to choose from-none of them as beautiful as the Capri Blue glass jars, but both of them more kid-friendly, not that I burn them low to the ground, but if Bodhi were to grab an unlit one and toss it, it wouldn’t shatter into many pieces like the Capri Blue one once did at our old house. That was a sad day.

$28 vs $10.74. Easy call for me! I grabbed two (the two I photographed above) and called it a successful day.

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