I’m currently obsessed with white. Oh wait! I’ve been obsessed for years, but now it’s everywhere. I love the way white transforms rooms, brightens the home, appears clean and beautiful and is just so fresh.

I am falling hard for the gorgeous white and wood items in the Threshold spring line-up at Target. This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just coveting so many beautiful and fairly budget-friendly items from this collection, so thought I would share with you. 

These bar stools on the bottom right have sat in my online shopping cart for weeks. I need three and they come in a set of two. Anybody want to buy the fourth?

And the little accent stool (2) just arrived online and is available for preorder. I’m seriously considering it as a side table for the nursery or somewhere else. It’s just so charming, industrial and perfect!

I say for home design, when in doubt, choose white, with the exception of sofas and fabrics that can’t be cleaned (if you have children).

I’m layering a lot of yellow and pink in my home this season between all of the white and grey, especially in the form of fresh flowers. What is your favorite spring palette?

p.s. I’m using this handy-dandy little shopping widget below instead of listing it all out for you. You can hover over each image for the price or click to go directly to the item on Target’s website. Pretty fancy, huh?! And many of these items are on sale now (the prices below are the full-price so you have to click over to get the sale price—sorry about that). SO tempting…

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