Shared boys room ideasWe’ve been considering having our two boys share a bedroom in another year or so. Our younger son is two and he’s still sleeping in a crib. We want to keep it that way for now. He just started sleeping through the night most of the time a few months ago, so change is not exactly ideal right now. Our older son loves sleeping with someone so we are hoping that if they are together, they will both sleep. Are we dreaming?

Ezra turns two (5 of 14)This is new to us. I have some friends who have siblings share rooms out of necessity (not enough bedrooms) and out of convenience or an idea they have about how to raise children. I’ve heard amazing and adorable stories about it and I’ve heard what might be considered “horror” stories too.

Boys shared room ideasBeing the type A home design loving mama I am, I’ve started gathering inspiration for their future room on Pinterest in a private board. While we wouldn’t go nautical like above, I love the upholstered twin beds look. There is something so sweet and so soft about upholstered beds and they would be less likely to outgrow this general look.

We’re also considering various bunk beds including the tree house bed above. The tree house would allow them to be kids for a few years. I love that their room would be childish and fun! I also know we could sell that bed for a decent price when we are done with it making the initial investment a little less harsh.

I worry that separate beds don’t really solve the issue we’re looking to have solved. They would be in the room together, but not in the same bed. So, do we go with just one larger bed and they sleep together for a few years? For background, we do have enough bedrooms for them to have their own rooms, so that is not the issue. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this, friends.