After years of struggle with dining chairs due to having cats with claws who love to scratch things and a child who often spills, I’ve conceded. I will not own upholstered dining chairs for the next ten years. And after having one of my favorite dining chairs just break while a guest was seated on it, I’ve decided to skip replacing the one chair and simply go with the mismatched dining chair trend that I believe will be around for a while.

I’m going with all white. They are extremely washable, wipeable and easy to move between our formal and informal dining areas. It also looks uniform enough that it will work so much better for parties and gatherings when I may typically need some folding chairs thrown in. I can simply grab a few white folding chairs and voila! A nice clean and bright look.

And we are in the market for a new dining room table. You know, a real adult dining room table and I think that white will work well. The other reason I feel I can pull this off is that we’re about to finally  buy a real adult comfortable amazing sofa and matching chair. I’m not super into matchy match things so having these chairs will balance the look in our family room.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Willa White Side Chair from Crate & Barrel

But for a WAY more budget friendly option, the new Windsor chair set from Threshold is awesome and is what I plan to buy when they restock.

White Eames molded plastic chair. I own three knockoffs of these. They are really comfortable and look great.

Ikea’s Terje folding chair is a great option to have on hand for guests. It has a similar look to this one from Crate and Barrel that I also love.

I love the look of a couple of french bistro chairs in these mix and match rooms.

Add in a couple of wishbone chairs in white, an antigua chair or two and  the wooden white chairs I already own and I think we’re good to go. I also like the idea of these stools as backup seating and having them sit next to the buffet when not in use.

Top photo by Crate and Barrel

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