{via Project Nursery}

Can you believe it’s already time to transition Bodhi into a bed? I love the clean look of the toddler room above which was recently featured on Project Nursery.

Let’s be clear about this somewhat early transition (Bodhi is almost 18 months old). Bodhi has never ever been a fan of his crib. Many kids can stay in their cribs until they are three and sometimes older. That was our hope when we set up our nursery. But, he has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor (with me, many nights) for a while now. He was the baby who was still waking up 6 to 8 times each night at 10 months old. If you have a similar baby, read this post. That crib, as cute as it is and as much as I love it, was never truly a part of this little family.

{our little nursery}

Here is a room shot of our nursery at our old house. When we moved, we basically set it up the same in the new house, but his new room is larger (a good thing). While the room  being larger is great since we are adding a bed soon, it made his room look really unfinished. We didn’t have enough stuff to fill it and it didn’t come together the way I designed it to at our old home. Here is the plan.

Things that are staying in his toddler room:

  • Paper lantern cluster-he loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at night and it adds a lot to any room. Speaking of, one of my awesome readers recently created the same cluster and it looks amazing. Check it out!
  • Changing table (without the top)
  • Art
  • Book shelf (made by my former coworkers)
  • Hooks

New things:

  • Twin bed
  • Cute boy bedding
  • More art
  • Rug
  • New curtains
  • Small cozy chair in the reading corner for Bodhi to sit on (maybe a bean bag, maybe something else)
  • Throw pillows and floor pillows

I’ll be in touch with all of the details on how we make this happen. I’m trying to keep the room budget pretty small but still have it all look very cohesive. The colors will stay the same, but I’m adding in some yellow, navy and orange. I actually plan to make the paper lantern cluster a bit larger since the room is larger.

Any tips on making this transition from those of you who have done this before? Every day is new with our sweet little ones.