Friends! I’m SO excited to introduce you to the new Live the Fancy Life today. We got a dramatic facelift on the blog that I’m thrilled to share with you. If you’re reading in your email, be sure to click through to see our site.

Live the Fancy Life branding boardI’ve been working with Ashley from The Blog Salon for months on this design, but with a new baby, things took a while. The design is simple, classic, timeless and I feel that it finally represents me and my lifestyle site. While I’ve paid to have a header done here and there, I’ve never had a custom design for this site. I was actually using a free template before. Yes, it was a pretty fabulous one, but this redesign feels like home.

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Our yellow front door is one of my favorite features of our home. I love seeing it as we pull up to our house. It’s welcoming, comforting and bright. For me, it represents the blog in so many ways.

Our yellow front door

The blog is my home, it’s what happens in my home and it’s my hopes and dreams for my home and the people in it. I wanted the yellow door here as a way to welcome you to my online home. Come in, take a seat, grab a cup of coffee and relax a bit. Be inspired. Feel connected or simply be entertained.

Ashley did a wonderful job of making Live the Fancy Life a beautiful partner to Oh Boy Style. I didn’t want them to be the same, but I wanted the designs to work well enough together that they can both represent me and my brand. It finally does.

This month marks five years of blogging for me. My original intent was to show that anyone can live a fancy life on any budget. I shared cheap sparkling wine, budget friendly date ideas, coupons, sales and more. While some of the original purpose still exists, my life has changed dramatically in five years. For me the phrase “Live the Fancy Life” no longer means literally trying to have a fancy life, but instead is all about mindset. I honestly believe that even with spit-up on my shoulder and a perpetual ponytail, I have a fancy life. For me, fancy means love, contentment, joy, peace and acceptance.

But, let’s be honest. I still really enjoy home design, fashion, baby gear, great food and talking about parenting. Because life is messy and complicated and full of feelings and things, my blog will be the same. Thanks for sticking with me and helping me grow a tiny little blog into a big part of my career.

In the coming months, I’ll be changing things up with content here in subtle ways because I’ve been feeling a calling to share more real conversations on friendship, parenting, marriage, family, social media, kindness, compassion, finding peace and more. I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

For now, be sure to look around a bit. My new “shop” page is a mess that I’m currently organizing, but there you will find my favorite things that make my life easier or more beautiful and I’ll be editing and adding things in the coming days.

In honor of our redesign and because we’re nearing 1000 Instagram followers, I’m doing some fun giveaways in the coming days over on Instagram. Be sure to follow us there.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages will also be updated shortly with our new brand. Enjoy!

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