Decluttering your closet

I recently listened to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on Audible. At first, the book wasn’t all that impressive but when the author got to the heart of the method of tidying/decluttering/discarding, it hit me! It was exactly what I wasn’t doing and what I needed to do. If you don’t currently feel like you have time to read, consider trying audiobooks. I’ve had great success and have “read” five really helpful books since Ezra started childcare simply by listening while driving. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks.

Without giving away the method, I wanted to share that I was able to finally truly go through all of my clothes for the first time, possibly ever. The author’s method really helped me to let go of memories, of the “maybe I’ll wear it” excuses, of the “it’s fine even though it has a hole” arguments or “I’ll wear it to garden or lounge around.” 

This week I donated nine garbage bags full of clothes and consigned 27 items of clothing that I have held onto for years despite not wearing them. I also donated 19 pairs of shoes that I haven’t worn in years but are still in good shape.

It was a hard week (I did this on Monday and Tuesday) but it has been amazing. My closet has so much space. Every single item left in my closet is something I wear and love now. I was able to move my accessories to my closet and doing laundry feels lighter. My drawers are organized neatly but more importantly, are not filled to the brim with old t-shirts that I will never choose to wear unless I’m not caught up on laundry.

Up next? Jewelry and accessories followed by books. The author offers a recommendation on which categories to work through in which order and it’s been great for me.

I highly recommend the method taught in this book, but you should know that it is brutal at first. My full closet makeover is coming soon, but first, back to discarding!

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