I’ve needed glasses since I can remember, but only for distance. I rarely wore them, literally less than once a month until a few years ago when driving became more challenging. After Bodhi was born I got strict about wearing them for driving… you know, because I had a newborn in tow. 

Now I feel disoriented if I don’t wear glasses shopping or anywhere when you need to see 5 or more feet away—that means they are a permanent part of me other than when I’m at my computer. For some reason, I just can’t stand the idea of contacts. It makes my eyes hurt to even think about them.

I started writing my new year’s goals post before 2013 and realized I probably needed more glasses since I tend to lose my one pair pretty regularly. So, I finally bought a second pair of glasses thanks to Warby Parker. They offer $99 glasses in super fun colors and styles and donate a pair to someone in need each time a pair is purchased. And we had a few $$$ left in our health savings account at the end of the year so BAM!

via Warby Parker

This time I went with the Percey style (right photo of me above) without ever trying them on. I figured if they didn’t look great, I’d just wear them at home. But, I like them. I’m not sure they are perfect for my face shape, but also not sure I care. They are super comfortable and now I’m a bit obsessed with buying more. I had one pair before these that I got in the spring of 2012 (left photo of me above)—but they were from a local shop and cost almost four times as much.

Warby Parker had nothing to do with this post besides accepting my payment and sending the glasses my way like any other customer. I just really like the company and their products.

Also, you know those bloggers/Facebook friends/Twitter peops/Instagram rockstars who look amazing in self-portraits and post them all the time? That is totally NOT me! I was embarrassed the entire time I attempted to get a clear photo with my iPhone. So awkward!

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