Aren’t they lovely? I’ve been drawn to white elephants lately. I’m not a collection kind of person and I don’t like clutter, so it’s odd, but I’m loving them. They will have a role in the spring/summer decor in our house. 

But where oh where will they end up? To be determined…

Until today, our house was full of Christmas decor. It’s still up in many places, but I finally got one of the trees down and the other one is undecorated thanks to a special little man helping me out this morning. Is undecorated a word? Well, anyway, the decor is down.

I’m all ready to make some springy changes even though we are dealing with subzero temps this week.

I don’t do major seasonal changes, but I think I’ll get a few new throw pillows or make some covers, hang up a couple of different pieces of art where I had the tree and a wreath and add some bright colorful and white accents. I figure that these changes can make it from March through around September when we decorate for fall, so it’s worth doing a few things.

Back to the elephants. I bought the one on the left at Marshall’s just this week for $9 and the one on the right is from Michaels. I picked it up last fall for 50% off plus a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. I think I paid $4 for it. Amazing!

What changes do you make to your home for spring? I’d love a few other ideas if you have any to share.

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