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Yes, apparently you can spell teepee all three ways. Who knew? We made this fun version for Bodhi’s birthday gift this year.

I really wanted this bright bold orange striped teepee from Land of Nod. But at $149, it was pushing it a bit on our birthday gift budget and it was on backorder until August.

A few days before Bodhi’s birthday I started searching for ideas for gifts, but came up short. Then I decided we should just make him a tent or teepee. I found this tutorial on Cup of Jo which is literally the easiest thing ever and it totally works!

But I wanted something bold and bright and modern. I went to Ikea for fabric recently for the photo booth and table runners for Bodhi’s birthday party. I remembered seeing orange stripes, so off to Ikea I went at 5:30 p.m. two days before his party. Ikea is about a 40 minute drive each way from our house, plus a chunk of time in store, but it was totally worth it.

The next day I followed the directions adding in a few steps of my own like stapling the fabric on the back and soon we will put trim off some fabric on the bottom and maybe add some ties just to make it a bit more professional, but overall, it’s perfect and B LOVES it. It makes a great addition to our quite unfinished playroom.

We spent $33 for everything. Our Ikea Sofia fabric was $7.99 a yard and we bought three yards. You could definitely pick up less expensive fabric at Joann Fabrics or somewhere else to make this an even more budget friendly option. What do you think? Close enough?

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