I’ve been a lot more planful with my work lately. I finally have an editorial calendar for blogging and very specific office hours for each client and project. So far I’m sticking to it for the most part. This gives me the time and flexibility to actually go read the work of others, get inspired, create relationships, enjoy the blogging community and more.

Last Friday, after hearing from several people that their comments hadn’t went through, I decided to check out my spam folder on my website. I guess I should do it more often, but I receive pages and pages of spam comments from some weird handbag company and more on a daily basis, so it’s tough to make the time to go through all of those. Can I just say that it made my day to see so many comments?!

I will be checking spam going forward. Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the issue and to all of you who are leaving such helpful and engaging thoughts.

As a part of the comments, I got a big lovely list of new blogs to read from you! And while I start going through them, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you too (oh, and a line or two saying why)!

  • Cupcakes and Cutlery—Sharon rocks and posts some fun party ideas plus personal posts.
  • House of Smiths—Honest posts about weight, self-image and beautiful home design projects and DIY.
  • Rambling Renovators—House envy! That’s all. I was a little star struck when Jennifer, the lovely lady behind Rambling Renovators was a part of a small online blogger meetup on Thursday evening. And I admitted to her that I was a huge fan. Embarrassing but true!
  • Eat Drink Pretty—The reason I started Live the fancy life. Minneapolis-based blogger Jenna, has always been so helpful to me and her blog is filled with gorgeous foods, drinks, parties and now BABY!
  • Tastefull—Tiffany started leaving comments here and then I went to check out her site and I was dying over her projects, plus I just really like her… or would you call it e-like? Either way, great blog!
  • Occupation Housewife—Besides some very honest and humble posts, it’s just really fun reading the work of someone you know in real life.
  • Cup of Jo—I know, everyone and their mom reads this lovely blog, but I can’t help reading it for its fresh simple content.

These are just a few of my favorites. I read a bunch of huge huge huge blogs too (like Young House Love), but I love the more unique finds as well. Thanks for sharing your favorites. Have a lovely week!

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