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Summer is so close, I can almost taste it! The yard is green and flowers are blooming.

This week is lovely in Minnesota and we’re trying to get outside as much as possible. With no deck or patio, one of our favorite things to do is eat dinner on our front porch or in our yard.

It’s SUCH a lovely way to spend the evening. And B really enjoys a good treat out there as well.

Fruttare Fruit & Juice Bars are bursting with real fruit taste, creamy milk or refreshing juice. As a pregnant woman who is always hot, literally always, these fruit bars are amazing! And they are a great option for my family too. 

Lately, I’ve been really focused on hosting fun little gatherings with friends but not going too crazy with decor and stressing myself out. Taking things down a notch has allowed me and my little family to enjoy so much more time with people without all the pressure of perfection.

Since I keep it simple, I can pull off dinner or a quick get together on short notice. And with our neighbors, we are lucky that we can often have a few of our favorite people over in minutes. I love the idea of putting Fruttare bars out on the porch for the kiddos or even throw them in a cooler for a trip to the park. It’s an easy and refreshing option for summer.

And for the adults, why not a quick Fruttare cocktail or spritzer? I enjoyed a Black Cherry Fruttare bar in sparkling water on Friday night. It was the perfect mocktail! And I’d love to pop a mango Fruttare bar in a glass of prosecco for a cocktail option. I’ll be doing this with my neighbor Megan on a hot summer night soon! Perfection!

There are 10 delicious Fruttare Bar flavors to choose from including Strawberry & Milk, Mango, Black Cherry, Pineapple, Lime and more. This week we picked up Black Cherry and Strawberry & Milk at Target. But, Fruttare Bars are sold at many stores nationwide. Yum!

I can’t wait for baby boy’s summer birthdays in the future! Which flavor would you choose for a hot summer evening or a kids birthday party? I think this would be amazing for a summer party.

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