We debated about throwing a Super Bowl party this year. Usually one of our awesome friends throws one, but nothing came up this year. Well, everyone was either busy or had to put their kids to bed early (totally get that) so at the last minute we decided to just have a few friends over who weren’t busy.

And on short notice, I had to pull together a couple of quick recipes with food we had around the house.

First, I have to say that it is incredibly hard for me to host anyone without going all out. I really pushed myself to just focus on food and drinks and friends this time. It was much easier since it was decided less than 24 hours before the big game, but I still give myself a big thumbs up for focusing on what matters-the people! This was the easiest gathering we’ve ever hosted and I had such a good time with just a few friends. I actually got to chat with everyone. Hooray for that!

Here is our simple last-minute menu:

Chocolate chip cookie dough dip from What Megan’s Cooking. I served it with Trader Joe’s organic animal crackers. It’s deadly. Too good! That’s why it’s first on the menu even though it’s dessert. Seriously! I doubled the recipe. It’s all gone.

Panko crispy green beans from Healthy Happy Life. So, we ended up not making these about an hour before our friends came over, but I included them since they seem pretty easy and delicious and we really were planning on them.

Cheese plate with brie, blue cheese and extras including apples, honey, fig butter, crusty bread and crackers.

Guacamole, salsa and chips

Homemade pizza… well, not totally homemade. We use store-bought crust and add sauce, cheese, veggies and other toppings.

Wine, champagne and cocktails too, of course! As a matter of fact, the three ladies (me included) had no idea there was a blackout at the Super Bowl until way after when my husband told us about it. We credit the wine and the two boys!

For more great food ideas, check out my Pinterest board for weekly meal planning. I’ll start updating the comments section after I make each meal with a Yay or Nay!  What did you eat? Do you have a go-to food for parties?

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