I featured my top 10 swim suits for toddler and baby girls yesterday and am still loving all of them. I keep looking at the cuteness to give me a little pick-me-up in this chilly weather. Today I’m happy to share my top 10 swim suits for toddler and baby boys.

I realized quickly that I didn’t share many color options, but don’t fret if blues and greens aren’t your thing. Most of these come in other colors as well. With prices starting at $5.95, I honestly think there is something for everyone in these picks.

1. Navy swim shorts ($5.95) H&M
I had to include these. While they might not look amazing, they are a simple pair that would work well as a backup or for kids who are likely to make messes eating, sitting in mud etc… and are SO budget friendly.

2. Turquoise patterned swim shorts ($12.95)
These are ridiculously cute, but I think my husband might say they are too short. Ha!

3. Plaid swim trunks ($12.94) Old Navy

4. Multi-patchwork swim trunks ($26.95) Gap

5. Blue striped swimming shorts ($17.90) Zara

6. Neon lime striped swim trunks ($16.50) Ruum
My personal favorite.

7. Contrast stitch board shorts ($42.50) J.Crew
Another favorite, but the price is definitely too high for me.

8. Whale print board shorts ($48) J.Crew

9. Seersucker board shorts ($45) J.Crew
For the little gentlemen.

10. Green flower board shorts ($12.50) H&M

I just ordered Bodhi number six-the neon lime striped swim trunks. I’m a sucker for stripes. Do you have a favorite? Where else have you seen cute options? I do want to add that I’m also a fan of Mini Boden. I especially love these boys’ bathers, but I completely forgot to swing over there before putting this list together, so stop by if you still haven’t found a good option.

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