Buying winter boots for Bodhi shouldn’t be hard, but I’ve spent a lot of time looking and thought I’d share in case another mama out there is struggling. Last year we picked up some super warm Sorel boots for Bodhi at a Columbia Outlet store. This year when I stopped in there, they only had one toddler boy option and it wasn’t Sorel. They didn’t seem warm and they were not easy to get on Bodhi’s feet at all. So, I’m back to square one with snow already on the ground in Minnesota.

Here is why buying winter boots for B is a challenge.

1. We’re in Minnesota. It’s REALLY cold. These boots need to be high quality and fairly tall so snow can’t sneak in.

2. Bodhi is just learning to put on his own shoes. I need these boots to be easy to get on and off, especially at school.

3. Looks. I’m a bit of a snob and want them to look good. We wear  our boots, snow pants and winter coats a lot around here. I splurged on a North Face two years ago and never looked back since I wear it for four or more months out of the year. Boots are the same way for us.

4. I’m cheap. With kids feet, things last just a few months at the most.

Nine great pairs of boots for toddler boys

Sorel Yoot Pac ($75) These are so cute to me, but at this age, I’m not sure I can pull the trigger. My guy grows out of shoes every few months still. The other challenge, the ties. I have to admit. I love these ones. I own these in fun girly colors for myself and wear them all the time with skinny jeans and my big ol’ North Face jacket.

Sorel Kids 1964 Pac Strap ($75) Another high price, but these are straps so a bit easier.

Sorel Snow Commander ($55) The least expensive of the Sorel options. Not the cutest, but would definitely be easy to get on and off and would be very warm. Both of these are more important than looks for me.

Tundra Kids Boots Teddy ($44) Another easy and fairly stylish looking pair of boots that claim to be very warm. A definite possibility.

Kamik Kids Rocket ($55) I’m diggin’ the color options for boys and girls and the simplicity of the design. And these do sound very practical in terms of warmth.

The North Face Kids Alpenglow ($50)  If I knew for sure if B could get his foot in this one, it would be a definite contender. I may have to find it somewhere in store.

Circo Neko Cold Weather Boots ($29.99) A great option from Target. I think these would be manageable for most toddlers and would provide the warmth we need.

Lands End Snow Flurry Boots ($49) With possibly the most simple design and easiest for kids to put on their own feet, this boot is one of my top three choices. And the added bonus of a name label inside is so helpful for preschool.

Pediped Cruz Flex ($79) Cute and easy to put on from a trusted brand in children’s shoes.

Do you have a favorite pair of boots for your toddler? A go-to brand? I seriously plan to order a pair today so would love your thoughts.

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