I was excited to have the chance to partner with Britax, City Moms Blog Network and Twin Cities Moms Blog for an informative and fun blogger party to learn more about the Britax B-Ready Stroller.

Stroller AdventuresI attended a super fun event with Britax and Twin Cities Moms Blog last week. We got to bring our little ones and enjoy some time checking out the new Britax B-Ready Stroller in the company of other mamas and bloggers. Reps from Britax were on hand to help us with any questions we had and teach us how to use the stroller properly.

Stroller AdventuresThe stroller is absolutely fantastic, friends! I love that it can be a single or double stroller in seconds. It folds very smoothly and easily.

Stroller adventuresThe top seat holds up to 55 pounds. To give you a sense for what that means, it would hold our older son who is five and a half and 49 pounds for probably another 6 months or so if he needed a rest. The second seat will hold up to 35 pounds. The stroller looks great, maneuvers well and has so many great options to make it work for you and your family.

Stroller AdventuresBesides offering a chic look, smooth ride and great options at a decent price point, the stroller has SO many options that make it work for families with children under five. This stroller would be perfect for twins, two toddlers, a young child and an older child and more. Configurations include a bassinet and seat, two seats, a seat and ride along board for older children and of course, you can use car seats instead of the seats for younger babies.

Stroller AdventuresWe love to adventure with our boys. This stroller is perfect for our little family. While our older son rarely needs to ride in a stroller, when we travel and spend a lot of time walking in cities, a stroller is helpful. Knowing that he could safely sit in the upper seat gives us an opportunity to travel by foot in cities like Chicago, New York City or London more than we normally could with a five year old who may get tired from walking.

Stroller AdventuresIt also means we can adventure all over our own city by foot! Hooray! If our kiddo needs a break, we have an option for that.

I highly recommend this stroller to any first-time mamas who may want to have more than one child and to any moms who are looking for a great double stroller. This stroller does it all and is GORGEOUS! Let me know what questions you have. I’ll be sharing more about our stroller and our adventures over the next few months.

And if you are in the market for this gorgeous and SO functional stroller, be sure to stop by Twin Cities Moms Blog and enter for your chance to win one!




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