As I heated up my lunch months ago in the break room at my corporate job, my colleague walked in and put a pasta sauce jar full of spaghetti in the microwave (without the top). GENIUS! Have you done this?

I’ve been hearing so much about the risks of plastic and combined with the price of buying containers (like Pyrex) all the time, this is a great solution.  I had never thought of heating things up in salsa jars or spaghetti jars, but this is perfect and you could even make it cute if you wanted to bring lunch for a friend or coworker!

You could…

      • Tie a ribbon around and include a tag
      • Paint the lids
      • Wrap fabric around like I did
      • And so much more

Today I just wrapped fabric I had from this project around the jar and attached to the back with spray adhesive. This could be a fun way to bring food to someone who is sick, to pack your husband or child’s lunch or to just add a little pretty to your own day.

I am busy with all of the final touches for a friend/client’s wedding this weekend! It is full of all kinds of pretty! Have a wonderful weekend!