Hey hey! We have another layer of snow here in Minneapolis, but I’m thinking spring in a big way. I’ve spent a lot of time lately decluttering our home and only keeping things we love and use. It got me thinking about the things that I have that stand the test of time or that truly do an outstanding job so that I use them often. I wanted to share a few of my favorite springy things/activities with you today that I love and that will always have a place in my little world.

  1. Boxwood wreath. I’ve had this one forever! I use it year after year. Maybe you have an old wreath in your basement that could be used for spring so you don’t have to buy a new one. My point is that when you buy something you love and something that is classic, you may use it over and over and over again, never being tempted to buy something new as a season changes. This will reduce clutter and spending. Invest in the good stuff and invest once. :)
  2. Amazing lip stain. This one is  just the best. I found it about a year ago through a friend of a friend and couldn’t believe how long it stayed on or how it felt. I also wear their mascara which I recommend for a bit more length and volume, but the lip stain is truly the best!
  3. Whole bean coffee. Grinding our own coffee in our high speed blender has changed our coffee game. I’m rarely tempted to go to a coffee shop for my daily (or twice daily if I’m being honest) cup of joe!
  4. Good quality rain boots. I’ve had the same pair for three years now and wear them daily in the spring, often in the summer and quite a bit in fall and winter too.
  5. Audible. As much as I LOVE reading a good hard copy book, I just don’t have the time I used to and I’m so over having tons of stuff everywhere. I still have a book at all times that I’m truly reading before bed (I’ve been trying to borrow, trade or use the library), but to take in information, I use audible.
  6. Basic black cross body bag. I bought one three years ago and haven’t replaced it since. I was recently chatting with a good friend while she looked for her next bag and we both said that while I can appreciate fabulous colorful purses or different styles of handbags, I gravitate towards simple and don’t change mine out. Investing in one basic one that goes with everything is a win in my book.

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