I’m so excited to share today’s post with you. In partnership with FedEx Office, I created a simple spring cleaning and decluttering checklist plus loads of ideas on how to get started.

Spring cleaning and decluttering our home are the best ways to start the new season for me. We love removing all sorts of extras from our home to get a nice fresh start.

Sometimes spring cleaning and decluttering our homes can get overwhelming though, right? I’ve heard from so many friends that they struggle with many things such as where to begin, what to focus on and how to get rid of all of the items they no longer need. Do they sell it? Keep it? Give it to family? Donate it?
We’ve got you covered today with tips for removing items and a free spring cleaning and decluttering checklist which will help you focus on smaller projects in each room of your home this year.
Head over to the FedEx Office Out of Office blog for the free printable Spring Cleaning and Decluttering checklist plus all of our tips.
Middle photo by Sabrina Reis Photography.