Bodhi and I spent Independence Day visiting family in Fargo. We had lots of play time, water time and some delicious easy-to-make food and drinks. 

These ice cream sandwiches are pinterest-inspired and were so easy to make. We just bought store brand mini 100 calorie ice cream sandwiches and dipped them in red (more orange) and blue sprinkles for a festive treat! I plan to make them again this week for a little pool party using a mix of bright summer colors.

And lately, I have been obsessed with watermelon. When Bodhi was sick and wouldn’t drink water, I mixed it with pedialyte and blended in our Ninja (Thanks Cassie for this recommendation). More recently, I have been blending it and adding sparkling water for a watermelon sparkler.

And, for the 4th, I used blended watermelon as the base for several delicious cocktails! For the minors, I mixed it with sparkling lemonade. For the ladies… champagne plus blended watermelon is super refreshing. For the guys, I mixed vodka, watermelon and sparkling lemonade. Yum!

Bodhi had a great time visiting family and playing with his cousin!

On to more summer fun! We are having a little pool party this week and hope to have many more this summer! How did you spend the 4th? More importantly, what did you eat and drink?