We are in buying-mode with baby now. I know people assume that because we’re having a second boy, we can just reuse everything. That is true in some cases, but this is also likely to be our last baby. We will reuse some clothes and shoes, but only the things I LOVED. We also now know what things matter to us and the things we wish we would’ve had more of last time or different items of. Somehow our “needs” list is pretty long still. And of course, our “wants” list is longer, but let’s be real. That list is not for the baby. It’s all about me there and I’ll probably skip most of the wants.

We have three months left, but as a fairly Type A planner, I always get nervous. What if he came early? What if I had to go on bedrest? What if another catastrophe occurred? Well, we’d deal, of course, but getting things in place is nice. We had B’s nursery done in February and he was due the last week of April. We are into March now and baby is due the first week of June. When I tell people I’m due in June, I think they are like “wow, you have a while to go” thanks to this Minnesota weather. No one can quite grasp that June is coming quickly.

The reality is that we are just three months from baby’s due date this week. That means, I’d like our nursery done early next month and I’d like our drawers stocked with diapers and thing we need. So, I’ll be sharing a lot of my favorite items from my time with Bodhi and some new stuff we’ve picked up for our second baby in the coming weeks. In case you missed it, I’ve already covered some great modern nursery rockers and gliders.

With Bodhi, we didn’t register for or realize that young babies do need some stimulation. We ended up picking up a few things once he started grabbing things. This time around, we know the importance of having good places to set baby when we’re busy and keeping him stimulated enough. Although, I’m sure Bodhi running around and playing and talking to him will be stimulation enough.

Here are a few of our favorite things (and some things we have picked up already) that to me, sort of fall in the “toys” category for baby.

1. giggleBaby pull toys set of two from JCPenney ($13.99). Just love these. They are so simple and cute. I love that the baby can pull them when he walks, but I also love that they will serve as cute nursery decor for the first few months.

2. Leka wood baby gym from Ikea ($29.99). We borrowed one the first time and were ready for something a little more modern that fit our home aesthetic now. I picked it up at Ikea this week. Plus for a wood gym, the price can’t be beat. If you have a larger budget, I also think this one is super cute!

3. 4Moms Mamaroo ($219). We splurged on this baby right before Bodhi was born. We thought it looked so cool and did cool things. Bodhi didn’t agree. At all. He sat in there once for five minutes, but that’s it. I’m HOPING that this baby will love it like so many other babies do.

4. Combi Pod bouncer in wasabi ($64). This is no longer available in many places but I did find it available on AllBee Baby. We actually bought it on Craigslist and the one we got is in amazing condition! I scored for $20. We are SO lucky. We are also borrowing one from my very close friend so we have one on each level of our home. I’m all about making things easier this time around.

5. aden+anais teething toy ($24). We haven’t bought this yet as I have a hard time spending $20 plus dollars on a teething toy, but when it comes time, I may still consider.

6. giggleBaby Henley Hippo set from JCPenney ($17). I also love the Miles the Monkey version.

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