I’ve hinted many times lately about the work I’m doing after leaving my corporate job two months ago. There are several aspects to my little business and one of them is event styling. I am obsessed with details and figuring out ways to make a party very modern and chic without breaking the bank which often means doing it yourself! Which, by the way, I ended up having to photograph the party on my own too. Apparently a Saturday in mid-August is not the easiest time to find a photographer. While it made it a bit hectic, I loved it and since photography is one of my favorite things in the world, it was a great opportunity to test my skills a bit.

I wanted to share just a couple of photos with you before the big reveal in the coming weeks. 

The party was so much fun to help with and I’m sad to have it behind me. How can you not be happy when you are working with Curious George and the color yellow every day?

You may recognize the birthday boy. He is Lisa’s little guy. How lucky am I that I have friends who are so supportive that they actually hire me right out of the gate? VERY!

In other news, we are busy preparing to have Bodhi head out of town without us for the first time. He will be in good hands though as he will be visiting GG (Great Grandma) and his Grammy (my mom)! This mama is a little nervous, but I know Bodhi will be completely fine. Wish us luck!

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