Photo credit: Photogen Inc.

I am literally running in heels. I have too many tasks on too many to-do lists.  And the elusive “getting organized” item on my new year’s resolutions list has not been checked off.

Like so many people, I’m trudging through my 9 to 5, keeping up with friends and loved ones, the holidays, visiting with family, date nights, returning bad holiday gifts (in this case it’s returning items I bought my husband that weren’t so successful), grocery shopping, house cleaning, being a newlywed  and so much more. I’m finally facing it—I’m spread a little too thin right now.

And because of that, I got sick on the first day of 2010 which slowed down my idea of tackling my resolutions head on.

But I’m back (or at least really close to back). I have happy hour with three of my favorite ladies on Thursday, some free nights this week and I’m slowly getting caught up at work. Goal #1 now is to take better care of myself and to get sleep! You should too! Sleep is so fancy and is one important part of having great health.

So with that, expect some fancy things in the coming weeks and months on Thank you for continuing to check back for updates. I promise good things in 2010.