Mistakes definitely happen when it comes to do-it-yourself home design. We painted our fireplace mirror a deep teal in May. At that time, I had a vision for a room with many pops of color. Things have changed.

Since this post about the easy mirror painting project, we have added several throw pillows and finally found fabric to make 10 curtain panels. Yes, you read that right! Our family room has five windows so we had to get 10 curtains. This is why it took us several months to add window treatments. Do you know how much curtain panels cost? Last weekend we bought fabric which I’ll reveal soon making the cost significantly less than some of the panels we found at a few of our favorite stores.

So, here is the process.

1. Cover the mirror with tape and magazines.
2. Prime with a thin coat of Valspar spray primer in white.
3. Paint two thin coats using Valspar white spray paint with satin finish.
4. Let dry for 48 hours.
5. Hang.
6. Style your fireplace (coming soon as we haven’t even started).

So, our inexpensive Home Goods mirror is now white! This gives us the flexibility to add color at Christmas and makes our room less Seussical. My husband asked what that meant. I probably made it up in terms of using it this way, but to me it means too many colors, specifically primary looking colors. With our blue rug, yellow curtains and throw pillows galore, white gives us more of the chic look we wanted.


Plus we may want to add striped rugs like this one from Dwell Studio to our dining room (viewable from our family room) soon. I have to be careful not to overdo the patterns and colors, right?

Tiffany at The Taste{Full} Life inspired me with this post shortly after we painted our mirror teal. I pretty much started questioning my color choice that day. I really believe that home design mistakes are for the greater good of the room. :) The cost of the redo was only about $3 because we had leftover white spray paint from another project.

So, give it a shot and don’t be afraid to try things. Just be prepared to swallow your pride and keep on keepin’ on if something doesn’t go as planned!

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