I recently had the pleasure of throwing a small intimate baby shower for my good friend Cassie who is due to give birth to her second child, a boy (hopefully my son’s future bff), June 1.

Because he is her second child, she didn’t want too much attention or a large shower. She wanted an intimate gathering with her closest friends. This was great for me as I was 7.5 months pregnant and a little exhausted. Enjoy my simple recipe for an intimate baby shower and a few party details. All photos are courtesy of Heidi with HM Photography!

The mommy-to-be

My giant baby bump! It's even bigger now. :)

Cassie and I have been friends since freshman year of college—to age myself—that was 10 and a half years ago! We have traveled together many times-Vegas, San Francisco and Playa del Carmen, Mexico twice. She also lived in Mexico several times and in Brazil. She is a total beach bum and is using her love for the beach as inspiration for her little man’s nursery. I decided to steal that theme for the shower.

For those of you who need to throw a baby shower on the fly or want to throw something lowkey, here is my recipe for a quick and easy intimate baby shower.

1. Champagne and sparkling non-alcoholic drinks like Trader Joe’s French Berry Lemonade—Keep the bar/beverages simple. Everyone will be fine with this, it saves money and makes it look lovely.

Note all of the champagne flutes sitting around.

What lady doesn’t enjoy drinking out of a champagne flute? I think I’ve mentioned before that I own 50 champagne flutes-most of them are from Ikea and were very inexpensive. I whip these babies out for everything. See Christmas 2010, very merry cocktail party and most of the other parties I have hosted

2. Simple finger foods—I made the shower a “happy hour baby shower” to set the mood that it would be simply cocktails and appetizers. I served salsa, guacamole, hummus, mushroom turnovers (thank you Trader Joe’s) and a few other small simple appetizers. I also served store-bought cupcakes that I simply added cute blue and green cupcake liners around the ones already on the cupcakes.

3. Easy party favors—I made labels, stuck them to the favor boxes, added ribbon and to bring the theme together, the favor was salt-water taffy in a large apothecary jar that I normally store wine corks in. Simple, inexpensive, easy, yet still tied to the theme.

4. Candles and decor you already have—I was able to re-purpose my decor. I used a lime green table runner I owned, moved seashells from an apothecary jar on the fireplace to a candle holder as the centerpiece and placed tealights throughout the house for a warm glow. I used frames I owned and created simple prints with ocean/beach phrases on them in a word document.

5. Last but not least, use ribbon to tie everything together—I always pick up ribbon in the color palette of the party I’m throwing, even if I don’t have anything in mind for it. You will find ways to use it, whether you tie it on favor boxes, the ice bucket, use it to wrap silverware or simply tie it in bows on the beverage cups, ribbon adds a little extra something for very little $$$.

What are your favorite party-throwing tips?

Watch for our nursery reveal on Monday! Live the fancy life!