How’s that for a tongue-twister?

I debated with myself for days about this post. Part of me loves to show you party details in one big pretty post after an event and I know that a lot of my friends read my blog so I like the party details to be a surprise to them. But around the holidays people are always looking for inspiration. At least I am. And if everyone posted after a big event, there wouldn’t be anything new for everyone to pin on Pinterest before the holidays, right? Plus, the other day when I was writing an email to my e-friend Brandi over at Little Brim Baby (her little man is turning one today!), I was reminded how much I believe in creating simple inexpensive backdrops for parties. I really believe it pulls everything together and can take any party to the next level. So, here I am with a little peek inside my party planning…

Our annual holiday party is coming up quickly. The dessert bar is always my favorite part to design. This year, our backdrop is VERY simple, inexpensive and do-it-yourself-able. Is that a phrase? So, here it is.

I bought a canvas the weekend after black Friday at Joann Fabrics using coupons and enjoying their 60% off sale. It’s a large 30″ by 40″ one that I can use for many events going forward. White just looks so clean and pretty as a base for backdrops.

First, I cut circles out of champagne glitter paper at Archivers. While Archivers has many awesome tools in the workroom to use for free, you could also do it at home using a mug and simply drawing on the back side if you want. I was able to get seven fairly large circles out of each sheet.

Next, I attached 1/8 inch ivory ribbon to each side of the canvas at the angle I desired. Then I folded a circle in half and placed them over the ribbon. I glued it together and voila!

Do this over and over again until you achieve the desired look. So far, I only have one strand on there. I am going back this afternoon to create three more strings. I’ll be sure to show you the finished product after the party. I plan to reuse it for Christmas too.

Are you hosting around the holidays? What is your favorite part of planning? I’m all about decor, ambience and cocktails, but my closest friend loves the food aspect. I’d love to know yours.

p.s. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. I had a record-breaking day on the blog yesterday and that’s all thanks to you! Cheers!