Budget friendly Spring and Summer fashion, clothing and shoes for little boys. Much more on

It’s that time of the year. It’s time to shop for our growing boys for Spring and Summer! Both of my boys are tall and growing out of their clothes quickly. And unfortunately, Ezra isn’t fitting into Bodhi’s clothes or shoes for each season. Everything is big. This means I’m on the hunt for practical, affordable and adorable clothing for these little guys! Today I’m sharing little boy swimwear, little boy casual looks and little boy just plain adorable looks plus the items I’m actually buying off each board. I spent lots of time scouring the web for the cutest items for boys, so I hope this helps you out a bit. Be sure to use the coupon codes at the bottom of the post for extra savings. :)

Budget friendly Spring and Summer fashion, clothing and shoes for little boys. Much more on

Hooded striped popover shirt | Anchor cap | Sunglasses | Blue faded hoodie | Pink surf shirt
Marled grey sweat shorts | Striped water shoes | White animal shirt | Denim clamdiggers | Aloha tank
Orange pull-on shorts | Mint striped shirt | Mint shorts | Patterned Native shoes

I’m loving everything related to surfing and Hawaii! I blame our trip this past October. :) This whimsical set is my favorite. I love the fun and playful patterns and colors.

My shopping list
1. Anchor cap 
They sold out of this in Ezra’s size, but they have it in Bodhi’s and it’s a steal after the coupon code.
2. Blue faded hoodie I grabbed this one for both boys. I always like them to have two or three hooded sweatshirts for each size they go through just to grab for chilly days or nights. This one is soft (I touched it in store) and the faded look makes it seem extra cool.
3. Pink surf shirt & Marled grey sweat shorts Comfy shorts, cute shirt. Simple summer outfit for the weekend.
4. Denim clamdiggers I just love this look with a pair of Native shoes. They work well with any T-shirt, tank top or even polo. Adorable! Be sure to use the coupon code on these. They are $19.99 originally which to me isn’t that great, but they are 25% off now.
5. Aloha tank & Orange pull-on shorts Mostly I just miss Hawaii and love this. But also, Ezra looks cute in orange, so…
6. Patterned Native shoes I almost always find Native shoes at Home Goods (shocking, I know, but I did the last two years) or on but haven’t seen either of my boys’ sizes yet this year. Boo. I will pay full price if I have to because Natives are the perfect every day summer shoe. They are like sandals, but the kids’ feet are protected for biking etc… These are stylish, work for running and can even serve as water shoes. Amazing! p.s. If your child wears a toddler size 4 and is walking, there are a few pairs of red and navy Natives on here

Budget friendly Spring and Summer fashion, clothing and shoes for little boys. Much more on

Grey striped hoodie | Chambray anchor cap | Ray Ban aviators | Blue striped popover shirt | Grey polo
Navy shorts | Grey Tiny Toms | Party animal T | Black sweat shorts | Surf board T | Blue on blue sweat shorts
Lion T | Khaki pull-on shorts | Nike sneaker

My shopping list
1. Chambray anchor cap
2. Blue striped popover shirt 
I got this one for Mr. Ezra. Thinking it will be cute at night when the air cools down and the mosquitos come out. 
3. Party animal T 
I grabbed this for Bodhi’s birthday party!
4. Blue on blue sweat shorts These are great for childcare. My kids need comfortable clothes they can pull on and these are pretty stylish too.
5. Lion T & Khaki pull-on shorts because they look cute together, my boys are obsessed with animals and that T-shirt is $3.83 after the coupon code!
6. Grey Tiny Toms These are a splurge, but Ezra needs easy slip-on closed toed shoes for summer and these are adorable. I sell my Toms, Hunters and other more expensive shoes and make enough to justify the price.

Lastly, I wanted to share round one of my little boys swimwear. I have more coming on this, but I’m waiting for a coupon code to pop up at two stores. :)

Budget friendly Spring and Summer swim suits, swim wear, fashion, clothing and shoes for little boys. Much more on

Green Aloha rash guard | Navy striped swimwear | Grey and teal rash guard | Teal striped board shorts
Aqua and charcoal rash guard | Polka dot bottom | Blue rash guard | Striped board shorts | Critter flip-flops Floral print board short | Aqua and white rash guard | Pineapple and stripes swim bottom
Yellow striped rash guard | Yellow striped board shorts | Navy Native shoes

My shopping list
I haven’t decided yet. :( I have high expectations with swimwear since the boys really only wear them one short season in Minnesota. I want one really cute pair and I don’t want to pay much. Too much to ask? I will likely go with a pair from Carters for Bodhi and the pineapple pair or similar for Ezra because they are only $6.30! The prices are solid and they are pretty cute. I have more swimwear coming soon.

Nearly every item is on sale right now. Just to keep things simple, here are the coupon codes you will need.

H&M: 3302 & 3391 for 25% off of $75 and free shipping. Must use both codes. 
J.Crew: 24Hours for 40% off spring must-haves and all sale items
Carter’s: Car63016 for 20% off
Gap: Now for 35% off
Old Navy: Bigsave for 20% off
Mini Boden: 9G6X for 15% and free shipping over $50

I’ll be back with more soon as I literally gathered everything I loved from every shop I loved on my quest to find some great looks for the new season.

Hope you enjoyed! Affiliate links included. Happy shopping!