With the new little babe on the way, we have to combine our playroom and guest room in the coming weeks. I want the playroom to be a childish space, but since it also needs to serve as a guest room, I chose a sophisticated color palette and I’m using everything I can that we already own (including not changing out the paint color).

I love the way the room has a slightly modern, slightly industrial vibe, but is also really simple and clean. 

The Hemnes daybed from Ikea was in Bodhi’s room. It is a twin size daybed that easily converts to an almost-king size bed. I will use bedding we already own, but will probably use a black and white striped blanket (also from Ikea) to make it look more like a sofa. I will load it with black and white pillows that we already own.

My favorite purchase so far are the awesome black and white wire baskets from the Better Homes and Gardens collection at Walmart. I never shop at Walmart so would’ve missed these altogether, but I found them on Pinterest and was shocked to find out they are just $9.88 each. I picked up five and need to find one more for toy storage. They fit perfectly in the Expedit storage unit from Ikea.

You may recognize the “yippee” sign from Paging Supermom. I used it for Bodhi’s birthday party and I saved it. It’s a HUGE (36 x 48 inches) poster. I plan to use this as art in the playroom. We may DIY a frame to go around it or I may just use washi tape like you see here.

I will also DIY a garland of some sort and black PLAY letters using the huge craft letters from Joann Fabrics. The ones pictured here are great, but they are $34 each from Land of Nod. I’m way too budget-conscious for that. I’ll be sure to share both projects when I get them done.

Other things we already had: Black Expedit, black Ikea play table with white kid chairs, green industrial style wall sconce, white curtains and the white bookshelf (the one pictured here is Pottery Barn Kids) from Bodhi’s nursery. My colleagues made the bookshelf and it looks almost identical to this one. I’ve since found a really great way to anchor this to the wall and it’s been perfect in our playroom. I’m excited to give it a more prominent position in our finished room though.

Our only purchases will be the “Don’t forget to play” print, the $24 Ikea light fixture and the two black and white bins from Target plus a couple of other frames for kid art (most likely Ribba from Ikea for under $6). I have to admit that I don’t LOVE the Ikea light fixture, but I think it’s a very kid friendly modern fixture and the price is right. There is a small chance that one will get switched out, but I haven’t decided yet.

Right now all of these items are scattered throughout our home and many are not being used at all, so seeing it all together looking so intentional and coordinated is exciting! I never thought we’d have a good-looking playroom just because it’s not a priority. We still have a lot of unfurnished spaces in our home, so the playroom was way down on our list of rooms to spend money on.

But, it does appear we can make a really great room out of things we already own! There will be more color in this room then you see here since it will be filled with toys and books. I’m not limiting the colored accents at all so I love that black and white are the primary palette.

I’ll put an (*) by all the items we own now.

 Shopping list

*Ikea Hemnes Daybed (no longer available)

*Ikea Expedit

*Pottery Barn Kids bookshelf (or DIY like my colleagues did)

*Ikea black kids table and white chairs

*Ikea white grommet-top curtains

Ikea white modern light

*Urban Outfitters green industrial sconce

Better Homes and Gardens wire chalkboard baskets (also machine washable fabric lining)

*Yippee sign (36×48 inches)

PLAY letters (or DIY like I plan to)

Triangle or other shaped garland (I plan to DIY). Check out our new Just garlands Pinterest board. We’re working with a couple of other bloggers to gather cool garlands for parties and the home.

Color crayon box (thinking about trying to DIY this as well since I won’t be paying $50 for it)

Black and white rope bins from Target

“Don’t forget to play” print from Marc Johns

Disclaimer: A few affiliate links included.