A beautiful white, wood and grey patio plan

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It’s almost summer! Let’s chat about outdoor entertaining. We currently have nowhere to entertain. We love to be outside and not having a place to hang out with friends is a little annoying (is it a serious problem? Of course not, but something we’d like to resolve). I love having friends and neighbors over and I really want a place where people can relax while the kids play and we can just enjoy our favorite people.

We have a 3-4 year plan on the outside of our home which includes a fence, updating our front porch, a significant amount of landscaping in terms of plants and flower beds, decorative landscaping around some major eyesores like our air conditioner, outdoor entertainment space, a second door out our mudroom so we can quickly get to the playset and more. This year we added a playset for the kids and a fence blocking the road. Next up is a patio out our south door next summer. South means we get a LOT of sunlight so we need to be able to add some shade and it’s on the street side, so privacy needs to be a consideration too.

I can’t make decisions without putting everything together in a design board. I really can’t. I do it with my own outfits, things for the boys and all spaces in our home. I often even do it for parties. It somehow helps convince me that it will come together and we won’t be making a big expensive mistake.

Since I’m a planner, I decided to start putting together some ideas for our space. We were originally planning on putting a deck out there, but a neighbor mentioned that decks can often be a recipe for pests-lots of pests. And our neighborhood has major vole problems (little outdoor mice-like creatures that love to dig tunnels everywhere in our yard). I saw six the other day when I was outside picking up some things that got knocked over by the wind. SO…

A patio it is!

I know that we will want a lot of white and some pretty rich wood tones. Our home has a white porch and a white fence. It’s a grey house, so I do like adding the warmth with wood and maybe a few pops of color with decor, an outdoor rug and pillows plus lots of gorgeous flowers in pinks and yellows.

Our must-have list:

  • Table large enough for entertaining at least one other family
  • A fire table (not fire pit)
  • A loungey sofa
  • Planters to add beauty and a little privacy
  • A privacy panel or a few that we can move around for shade and privacy as needed
  • A pergola
  • Cafe lights
  • Our grill and an easy spot to store it outside of the pergola
  • Concrete patio (preferably stamped)

Like to have list:

  • An outdoor bar cart
  • A 3 or 4 season porch off the house before you step down to the patio (probably not happening). ;)
  • A hot tub (also unlikely)
  • A built-in counter space of some sort for serving food
  • An outdoor rug
  • A kid table. We recently bought this one (with a damaged box so big sale price nearly 40% off!), so I’d probably just move it over there. It would match well enough.

What do you think? What is your favorite part of your outdoor space if you have one? What should I consider that we haven’t already?

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